I. technical technical 2 noun
1. technicals [plural] FINANCE signs that show the way prices are moving on the stock and that help people to calculate what will happen to the price of shares etc in the future:

• The market technicals gave negative sell signals on Thursday.

2. [countable] another name for tech2
  [m0] II. technical tech‧ni‧cal 1 [ˈteknɪkl] adjective
connected with practical knowledge, skills, or methods, especially in industrial or scientific work:

• The manual contains all the technical information on the product.

• Our staff provide technical support 7 days a week.

• We have appointed a new technical director.

— technically adverb :

• Is the project technically feasible?

• a technically advanced industry

* * *

technical UK US /ˈteknɪkəl/ adjective
relating to science or industry: »

They have both the best entrepreneurs and the best technical people.


a technical company/the technical sector


Only 3% of the workforce has gone through technical education.

relating to the knowledge used in a particular subject or type of work: »

The undergraduate programs in Economics and Accounting emphasize technical expertise.

a technical subject, word, etc. is difficult to understand without special knowledge of a subject: »

The language is too technical for most people to understand.


Try to avoid too many technical terms if possible.

relating to machines, systems, etc. or to the practical way in which something works: »

technical problems/errors/glitches


He's head of our technical support team.


Please consult the technical manual.

based on a very exact and detailed way of understanding a law or a rule: »

It is an overly technical interpretation of the regulations that has caused this problem.


The technical definition of a multinational fails to convey the scope and diversity of global business.

technical UK US /ˈteknɪkəl/ noun
technicals — Cf. technicals
TECH(Cf. ↑tech) noun

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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